Putin, Merkel, Lady Gaga, Viktor Orbán – or the main protagonists of the chaos in 2015

Putin, Merkel, Lady Gaga, Orbán Viktor, avagy 2015 káoszának kulcsszereplői?

The tide of refugees flooding western Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean is starting to take on the appearance of a modern-day exodus. Each day some 3000 or so refugees are arriving in Hungary, which until now has never been subject to such pressure, via Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. European leaders are powerless, while their […]

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G7 leaders move toward automatic exchange of tax information

At their summit in Bavaria on Monday evening, leaders of the G7 nations issued a joint statement confirming their intention to implement the automatic exchange of tax information, and finalise the related regulations. At the same time, they also committed themselves to making the beneficial ownership of companies transparent. I would just like to add […]

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